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The Lazarus Complex…

Like playing with matches, lighting brambles to keep warm, sometimes things spread with epic proportions and consume forests of thought.

Originally I had planned to create a short that provided some back story to the Lazarus phenomena that would be more on the spy/thriller paradigm, but after great consideration, failed attempts at securing actors and redrafts, I felt I would need to treat this film with more care and the only way I could do that was to sever it from being a part of the Lazarus Rising‘s canon. Main reason being, the storyline, not having the brazen impact of horror, but more of the tension and subtlety  you would find in you favourite spy /thriller, I felt warping the script to fit the Lazarus Rising‘s paradigm would be too much of a restriction rather than a bolstering element.

So when all is said and done, Merchants of Quietus will be treated as a film in itself, rather than a promo for Lazarus Rising. But this entry is to just brandish the flag and show the origins of this short’s short. Bringing life to other ideas. As a creative it is just a great experience seeing something you create transform and grow, and creative 101 has to be never be too married to an idea. At times the very thing you consider to be a strength turns out to be a hinderance.

We filmed MOQ on the 15th of February, and it was a good set, with some amazing talent to say the least. Some known personally to me. Others I’ve met for the first time. My humble thanks for helping out, gang.

A website/Facebook page for the short will be set up, so be sure to look out for that in the coming weeks. I’ll put a link up for you all to see soon enough so you can have a look at recce/production pics and story art. Til then, stay tuned and continue to spread the word of Lazarus Rising like a plague.

We make our stand here. Hamburger Hill.

See some related Instagram pics tagged #MOQ



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Lazarus Rising: More than One Story.

Many may be wondering where we are at as of this moment concerning Lazarus Rising? We’ve made steady progression towards our pecuniary goal, so I thought while we wait on that pesky progress bar to drown the empty space between  it and 100%, I will be making a series of promos surrounding the concepts and issues in the main short. The short, succinct pieces with supporting and branching narratives all add to the surreal atmosphere and issues that make Lazarus Rising a monolith of a film. Not to mention the titanic talent already attached to the various promos, ranging from on stage talent to commercials to feature films.

Just be patient for the next couple weeks and wait for the voice that calls you out of the grave darkness to ‘Rise':



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