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Where there is Vision #2020

Lazarus Rising's Budget is at 34% ELE. Please Support the movement by Donating cash or kind!

Lazarus Rising’s Budget is at 34% ELE. Please Support the movement by Donating cash or kind!

“Screaming Harbinger screams, like an air raid siren” 

– from ‘Harbinger’ in Harbinger: The Medium and the Message by Dulani Wilson

It’s on the horizon. As we prepare to raise the necessary funds to execute Lazarus Rising the right way, I just want to personally thank the people that donated whatever they had to the cause, from the hard-earned pound, to advice or encouragement. We are 34% closer to our target. Don’t let up now. The dead are not going to undead themselves. Here’s to seeing you on the other side of the ELE baby.



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Lazarus Rising: More than One Story.

Many may be wondering where we are at as of this moment concerning Lazarus Rising? We’ve made steady progression towards our pecuniary goal, so I thought while we wait on that pesky progress bar to drown the empty space between  it and 100%, I will be making a series of promos surrounding the concepts and issues in the main short. The short, succinct pieces with supporting and branching narratives all add to the surreal atmosphere and issues that make Lazarus Rising a monolith of a film. Not to mention the titanic talent already attached to the various promos, ranging from on stage talent to commercials to feature films.

Just be patient for the next couple weeks and wait for the voice that calls you out of the grave darkness to ‘Rise':





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