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Something in the Egg Nog…

"Survival is the End". Black Box has landed.

“Survival is the End”.
Black Box has landed.

Happy days are here again. Lots of love and respect to all my Twitter/ Facebook supporters. Amazing how many talent, disavowed and indie especially, that are out there. TheĀ camaraderieĀ and support is so appreciated gang!

People thought we evaded world destruction, when in fact, Black Box tells you exactly when the worlds destruction will come about. Hopefully by now you guys have seen Black Box. Let us know what you think via FB / Twitter! Your support so far has been nothing short of miraculous and I look forward to it continuing into the new year. For now, share the ‘Black Box’ gift with everyone you know… let’s make this viral!

Kick back, relax, see what is ‘christmassy’ in your December 21, 2012 rations and prep for the new year ahead. I suspect it will be a true test of faith and survival.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you, and your family and friends!

Lock and Load.


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And then there was 3…

3 Days until the Mayan Sun Stone erases us all. #BlackBox #SurvivalistheEnd

3 Days until the Mayan Sun Stone erases us all. #BlackBox #SurvivalistheEnd

“Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you when they are alive… and sentient. Because when they rise again, the sentiments of the mind and heart matter very little. Unless they are feasting on them.”


#BlackBox is coming

#SurvivalistheEnd @Lazarus_Rising_


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