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Black Box: Welcome into the fold of the Horde

Since Black Box has been live since December 21, 2012, the support has been nothing short of amazing. So amazing, the body count is that of a nice little civil war. We have had over 20 000 views so far of Black Box on YouTube.

Black Box has reached 20 000 plus views! Thanks for the support.

Black Box has reached 20 000 plus views! Thanks for the support.

Definitely want to thank you special Internet Dwellers for all the kind words and support  in helping get Black Box out there. And being part of the horde, you have the responsibilty of getting you friends to join in. WWZD. The ‘Z’ is for ‘Zombie’. Share the video link on your social networks and just drop a message to us on Twitter and Facebook, tell us what you think.



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January 8, 2013 · 8:36 pm

Something in the Egg Nog…

"Survival is the End". Black Box has landed.

“Survival is the End”.
Black Box has landed.

Happy days are here again. Lots of love and respect to all my Twitter/ Facebook supporters. Amazing how many talent, disavowed and indie especially, that are out there. The camaraderie and support is so appreciated gang!

People thought we evaded world destruction, when in fact, Black Box tells you exactly when the worlds destruction will come about. Hopefully by now you guys have seen Black Box. Let us know what you think via FB / Twitter! Your support so far has been nothing short of miraculous and I look forward to it continuing into the new year. For now, share the ‘Black Box’ gift with everyone you know… let’s make this viral!

Kick back, relax, see what is ‘christmassy’ in your December 21, 2012 rations and prep for the new year ahead. I suspect it will be a true test of faith and survival.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you, and your family and friends!

Lock and Load.


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Black Box Poster Art

Greetings from the killing floor. Black Box will be a little gift on its way to you just in time for the festive season, and we have a shiny new poster for the short promo. Take a look:

'Black Box' Poster © 2012 Dulani Wilson/Lazarus Rising. All Rights Reserved.

‘Black Box’ Poster © 2012 Dulani Wilson/Lazarus Rising. All Rights Reserved.

“Now man’s last words will be survived by his flesh”

#SurvivalistheEnd #LazarusRisingBlackBox @lazarus_rising


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Promo #1: Black Box

We’re proud to announce the first instalment for the promotional series, entitled Black BoxThis particular piece will take on the paradigm of a 911 operator call, detailing a correspondence between Central Command and a platoon in the field over a protected line of communication .

We have some incredible talent attached to this promo, with artisans with backgrounds ranging from acting (stage and film) to voice over talent in commercials and interactive media.

Be sure to take a look at Twitter and our Facebook page as we’ll be updating more information on this project including the voice talent as well as poster artwork and trailer. And remember to sub to our YouTube channel!




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As of this Moment…

This week has been particularly busy, planning and trying to make contact with necessary people. Recently sent off a few film fund applications so will be waiting for word on those in the coming weeks.

Have a look at our Prop List, see if you have anything you are willing to donate. Though as of now this is not as important as rallying up support. I am also planning a little fundraising event…. more news on that soon.


Join our TWITTER and like us on FACEBOOK


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God’s Light (Teaser)

Tyger, Tyger, Burning bright,

Who could be affront to the awe of God’s Light?

God in an equation. The white tears his soul asunder like cloth. The Jarhead desperately, futilely, tries to shield his eyes and his very body from the ever-expanding light, that burns with such a growing intensity. Even in God’s awesome presence, comfort is non-existent; he only feels fear, that primitive evolutionary tug on his lizard brain. So he does not pray for peace, nor does he pray for mercy. His lustful brain only demands survival.

I am releasing the new concept art for Lazarus Rising with a little vid. on Friday so be on the lookout on all social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Youtube and Vimeo. Just a taste:

God's Light Teaser © 2012 Artwork By Dulani Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

God’s Light Teaser © 2012 Artwork By Dulani Wilson. All Rights Reserved.

So let it begin, this carnival of the weird and the wonderful.



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Lazarus Rising on Twitter

Lazarus Rising is raising a following.Follow us blindly on Twitter:


Drop us a line and come out in hordes to support this unique indie film as it is being built from the ground up.



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